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Eco Clean Technologies – Commercial


We value your dedication to employee health and we would help you administer a clean and healthy work environment. We provide Water tank and swimming pool cleaning services with minimum disturbance to your work. Our trained technicians carry out the services with minimum water wastage and maximum results. Our unique technology does not disrupt water supply so your office functions carry on as is. We do not use any manual labour or chemicals as one bores high probability of water borne disease and the other can have side effects. Our highly mechanised equipment is state of the art and has been especially modified by our R&D department to suit Indian conditions for both overhead and underground tanks and have a capacity of cleaning 8000 litres per hour. We also offer annual maintenance for corporates for a cost effect and eco-friendly solution.

Hospitals and Clinics

We commend your pursuit for hygiene and health of your patients and also understand your need for non-disruptive water supply. We would like to be your partner in maintaining a clean and healthy environment by providing chemical free water tank cleaning services. Our unique cleaning solution is fully automated and eliminates the disease factor caused by manual cleaning. Our research team has especially modified cutting edge machines to facilitate non-stop water supply even while cleaning the overhead or underground tanks. We have the capacity to clean upto 8000 litres per hour which gives a cost effective and hassle free cleaning. Our eco-friendly machines are handled by trained technicians to provide professional services with minimum water wastage.

Hotels and Restaurants

We applaud your commitment to your patron’s wellbeing and environmental hygiene of your establishment. We would like to partner with you for providing water tank and pool cleaning services without causing disturbance to your day to day activities. Our chemical free solution is fully automated and has been modified by our research team to cater to Indian conditions for both overhead and underground tanks along with swimming pools and have a capacity of cleaning 8000 litres per hour. Our trained technicians provide a top of the line professional service which is cost effective and with minimal wastage.

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