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How it works

Eco Clean Technologies – How It Works

Cleaning Services:

Caring for storage of water, the elixir of life is most neglected in our households and work spaces. One look inside our water tanks will make us go running for the hills. The mud, dirt and silt settled at the bottom and sides of the tanks are a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus and more. Such contaminated water tanks can lead to diseases such as Cholera, Typhoid, Amebiosis, Diarrhea etc. Our tanks need to be cleaned regularly to get rid of the foreign particles to avoid them from becoming a hub of water borne diseases and keep your water safe and healthy for consumption.

We use especially designed machines that automates the entire cleaning process which eliminates the need to enter your tank and makes the process totally hygienic. Our machines suck all the dirt and slime form your tank and the various attachments scrub the walls and the floor of the tank. Our technique utilises only about 25% to 30% of the tank capacity of water which can actually be reused for watering gardens etc. the remaining water is safe for consumption as is. Our technicians do not enter your tank making the entire procedure sterile.

Interior Designing:

We offer tailor made interior solutions best suited to your needs. Each project we undertake is assigned a project manager and an interior consultant along with an architect if required. Our research team does extensive ground work after understanding your requirements. We combine best practices with fine blend aesthetics and our engineering and project management skills. We follow a turnkey project model and agile project management principals to make sure that the final project is to your satisfaction.

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