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Eco Clean Technologies – Residential


Family’s health is your top most priority and we offer our state of the art automated services to help you safeguard your loved ones wellbeing. According to WHO 21% of communicable diseases in India are water borne and they cause 80% of fatalities. With our especially modified water tank cleaning system we drastically reduce contact contamination caused during the cleaning process. Our easy and efficient chemical free solution caters to both overhead and underground tanks at reasonable prices and with minimal wastage.

Swimming Pools

Stagnant water is the major cause of water borne diseases which form about 21% of communicable diseases. Our R&D team has worked towards a fully automated high powered solution best suited for Indian conditions. With a cleaning capacity of 8000 litres per hour we offer a cost effective and efficient system to safeguard your family’s health. Our trained and dedicated technicians will advise and help you choose the best plan as per your tailor-made requirements.

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