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Why Us

Eco Clean Technologies – Why Us

Our reputation has been built on simply being focused with providing a cleaning service that sets the standard in thoroughness, cleanliness, environmental sensitivity and health, and customer convenience.

Non Invasive

We do not manually enter your tanks and pools, so it eliminates the risk of human infection making the process sterile.

Chemical Free

We do not use any harsh chemical in the cleaning process hence restricting the entry of any synthetic agent into your water supply.


Our technicians do not enter your tank or pool hence eliminating any human hygiene component and our machines are sterilized after each process making it germ free.

Saves Water

Our technology uses only 20 – 30% of your stored water which can also be reused for watering gardens etc. We do not empty your tank hence saving water. *


Our state of the art equipment is fully automated and does not require any manual intervention. Our skilled technicians use the machine with various attachments to suck all the dirt and scrub the tank or pool floors.

Saves Money

It is a value for money proposition. The cost benefit analysis of using our non – invasive and chemical – free process will be evident in your family’s health.


Unlike other cleaners we do not enter your tank, we do not empty your tank, and we do not do chemical spray inside your tank. What we do is different and has all the added benefits.

Saves Time

You do not have to wait for tank to empty, the cleaning to take place and tank to then fill up. Our machines have capacity of cleaning 8000 liters per hour and all the while your water supply is not affected, you can carry on your regular activities as is.

Hassel Free

You just have to call and book our service we will take care of the rest.

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